Short stories


In anticipation of the Dutch Design Talents 14 book launch on February 6th, 
we're happy to share some of the gems that are featured in the book.

We invited four leading creatives to write sharp and personal short stories
looking back on early experiences from their influential careers.



JOACHIM BAAN is a specialist in communication design.
He is the creative partner behind the Amsterdam-based stores Tenue de Nîmes and Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam
and founder of gallery / shop Our Current Obsessions.
He is also the driving force behind the online publication Another Something & Co, sharing inspiration and love for aesthetics.

"But maybe it’s not a lack of knowledge that I have noticed, but more the absence of hunger. A craving to be a new talent. An ambition to make the world more beautiful. An appetite for learning new techniques. Starving for the future.
It is for art schools to teach hunger rather than technique."


FEMKE AGEMA is a fashion designer, who creates collections that blur the lines between sculpture, fashion and art

"Another thing I realize looking back is that there are some skills which can’t be earned at the academy, but in my case were enabled while I was there. The fact that I have met many like-minded people in those years, who have stimulated me along the road, is really special. "




KALI NIKITAS is a founding Chair of the Communication Arts department at the renowned Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and together with her hus- band, Rich Shelton, is partner in boutique studio Graphic Design for Love (+$), which predominantly works on print-based matter for non-profit clients.

"Living on raw unfed sleep-deprived nerve with the Las Vegas rule “what happens here, stays here”. I would not give up my experience as a grad student for anything, but I could never live through it again."


MARTIN PYPER is a graphic designer, who has been based in the Netherlands since 1989 working for various design / advertising agencies. Since 2005 he works under the moniker me studio, operating as an independent design studio that has a wide network of partners, artists, thinkers, creative organisations and designers.

"For the rest, oddly enough, very little has really changed; since we screamed and took a big leap together; out into the dark, unknown world."

These Short Stories are part of the new book 'Dutch Design Talents 14', more info here.