Arctic Paper

As part of our journey into our first printed publication,
we're happy to have been able to work with Arctic Paper
as they share our passion for the finest of papers
and were kind enough to endorse Dutch Design Talent
through supplying us with their beautiful range. 



The Dutch Design Talent interviews are printed on this paper 
that has been around since 1975 and is one of our true favourites 
due to its non-reflecting surface and a bulkiness that add tactile qualities.

Amber Graphic
Produced in Kostrzyn, Poland, the Amber range is known for
its high-white intensity and therefore the perfect companion to
support the inspirational dialogue with leading creatives on "the gap".

Munken Polar Rough
The uncoated, extra tactile surface of Munken Polar Rough and
its crisp white shade make a perfect combination with the well-defined
inspirational studio visits and sharp but personal columns.



This page is is part of the new book 'Dutch Design Talents 14', more info here.